About Collector Car Companion


Collector Car Companion is an online service dedicated to serving the collector vehicle community, from weekend hobbyists to serious collectors to professional restoration shops. Our community is made up of owners and enthusiasts of all types of cool vehicles including classics, antiques, customs, hot rods, resto mods, you name it. And while our middle name is 'Car', Collector Car Companion is just as useful for all types of collector vehicles like trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, tractors, etc.


Collector Car Companion is a powerful tool that helps you organize your vehicles, projects, parts and photos. It can assist you in planning for and documenting a full frame-off restoration, a routine tune-up, and everything in between. Collector Car Companion makes it easy to enhance your vehicle's provenance by giving a fully detailed, substantiated chronology of your vehicle. And Collector Car Companion can increase your vehicle's resale value by providing the type of vehicle history buyers are looking for.


Collector Car Companion is run by people like you - enthusiasts who enjoy owning and caring for their collector vehicles. We have experienced firsthand the joys, excitement, friendships and camaraderie of the collector vehicle hobby. We have also experienced the headaches and challenges of owning and operating old vehicles. It was through these experiences that Collector Car Companion was born. We are dedicated to serving you and the hobby, and in the process we hope to make your experience a bit more enjoyable and less complicated.