If you are having a problem with Collector Car Companion please first check the extensive help resources included with the product. While using Collector Car Companion, help is always available by pressing the F1 key or clicking on the Help menu. The menu includes online Help, a Quick Start Guide and a User Manual. The guide and manual can also be found in the folder where you installed Collector Car Companion. The default folder is c:\Program Files\Collector Car Companion.

  1. What is Collector Car Companion? Collector Car Companion is an innovative software tool that will help you reduce the amount of time it takes to restore, refresh or maintain your collector car, truck or motorcycle. Collector Car Companion helps you catalog parts and describe work you plan to do on your vehicle. This makes the restoration or replacement of parts, and the later refitting of parts, much easier. We’ve all spent hours searching for missing parts, trying to figure out how something fits back together, and having pieces left over at the end of a project. Using Collector Car Companion will help reduce and even prevent these time wasting and frustrating activities.

  2. How do I purchase Collector Car Companion? Its easy. Go to and click on the Buy Now button to purchase and download Collector Car Companion through our secure online store.

  3. Can I purchase Collector Car Companion on a CD? No, Collector Car Companion is offered as a download product only. This helps us keep the price low. You are allowed to make one copy of the software for backup purposes, so you can copy the installation file to a CD if you want to.

  4. How do I get a replacement copy of Collector Car Companion if I lose mine? Just send an email with your name, email address and product serial number to and we will send you a link to download another copy. If you lost your trial copy, just go to and click on the Try Now button to download another trial copy.

  5. How do I activate my copy of Collector Car Companion? When you start Collector Car Companion for the first time you will be asked to enter your name and serial number in the Enter Registration Details window. Once you complete and save the window your product is activated.

  6. I just purchased Collector Car Companion. Where can I find my serial number? After you purchase Collector Car Companion you are taken to the product download page. Your serial number is displayed on the page. We suggest you print this page for your records. Your serial number is also included in your receipt that is emailed to you.

  7. What if I lose or misplace my serial number? If you have already activated your copy of Collector Car Companion you can view your serial number by starting Collector Car Companion and clicking on Help then on About. You can also find your serial number in the receipt that was emailed to you when you purchased the product. If you can't find your receipt then simply send an email to with your name and email, and we will send you your serial number. You must use the same name and email as when you purchased the product.

  8. Can I run Collector Car Companion on a Mac? Yes, you can run Collector Car Companion on a Mac - under a Windows OS partition. Every new Mac lets you install Windows XP or Vista using a built-in utility called Boot Camp that lets you boot up your Mac using either Mac OS X or Windows (thus the name Boot Camp). Or if you want to run Windows and Mac applications at the same time without rebooting, you can install Windows using VMware or Parallels software. See the Apple PC-compatibility page for details.

  9. I tried the free trial version and then purchased the full version. Do I need to uninstall the trial version before installing the full version? No, you can just activate your trial version with the serial number you received when you purchsed the full version of Collector Car Companion. If its been a few months since you downloaded the trial version, you may want to uninstall it and download the latest version of Collector Car Companion.

We have created an example project so you can quickly see how Collector Car Companion works and get a feel for how powerful and flexible it is. To see the example project just start Collector Car Companion and the example project will come up as the initial project. (If you've created other projects and want to go back to the example project just select File, Open Project, then select the example project from the project list.)

Exploring the example project:

To explore the example project just double click on any phase, group, part or photo to expand it and see its details. Double click on any photo image to see a larger view. Here is what the example project will look like when you've expanded all the groups.

We have created a number of short video clips with how-to tips for using Collector Car Companion. Check back occasionally for additional tips. If you have a suggestion for a new tip, please drop us a note using the Contact Us tab and we'll be happy to add it.

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